Faith Only With Morality

Faith Only With Morality


The Language of Love

The language of love differs from the language of theology. They are both given as a single twine of string, split, so as to wrap a package, meeting again as one string in a knot that ties the gift of mankind together. What distills theology into philosophy and ideology is the lack of charity; the lack not only to speak but to express through all senses the language of love. This expression of altruism is the dogmatic core of all belief. Without this, the fountain of compassion, we are nihilistic, primordials with no aversion to hedonism, but only stirring self-loving hegemony.


Critique: John MacArthur’s “Marriage, Divorce, and Singleness”

My comments [mark by an *] on some of MacArthur’s quotes:

John MacArthur says, “Paul says, ‘Look, it’s okay to be single, it’s okay to live without any relationships with the opposite sex, but it’s a whole lot better to marry because of immoralities’.” – *This is conditional. Christ says it is greater to be celibate for God [Mt 19:12]. Paul confirms this [1 Cor 7:32-35]. What Paul is calling greater when he speaks of marriage is that marriage is only greater than celibacy if you can’t be sexually celibate and pure; it is better to be married and pure than celibate and impure. But celibacy with purity is the highest devotion.


Demonology & Exorcism

There are many Christians who are ill equipped in the knowledge of demonology. This has led to a decline of exorcism in most dire times. Why learn of the demonic spirits; isn’t Christ enough? I propose that since Christ and the Bible teach of demons, we as Christians ought to give ear and learn.

The discourse will be divided into three topics. Why learn demonology written of in the Bible. The Nature and Works of the Evil Spirits. Lastly, and only in part because of its vast magnitude, Exorcism.



Many Christians call to my attention that “purgatory” as a word is not found in Scripture. Silence is not an argument, lest the Incarnation, the Trinity, the Mercy Seat, and the Bible itself be disqualified as well for the lack of mention of their specific names. In fact, Holy Scripture is filled with passages regarding spiritual purgation after life.


Statues and Relics

“Idolatry is a perversion of man’s innate religious sense. An idolater is someone who ‘transfers his indestructible notion of God to anything other than God’” Catechism of the Catholic Church 2114.

As a Catholic, I have been labeled an idolater because of my Biblical view on relics and statues. What people fail to realize is that the initial use of relics and statues began with God’s commandment. This is conveyed throughout the Bible, in the Old and New Testament. We will begin by reading of scripture in the Old Testament that elaborates on the uses of these God given tools in relics.


Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses

There’s a knock at the door. We’ve all met them. They call themselves associates of the WatchTower Society of Zion, or more commonly, Jehovah’s Witnesses. Plaid suits with suitcases; silk dresses and a tether edged Bible. They come during breakfast, lunch, dinner, weekends and weekdays. Most of us hide and pretend like the television and lights aren’t on. But that isn’t what we are called to do. We should, with smiles and a warm heart, welcome them into our home and help provide clarity to a heinous misunderstanding they have of the blessed Bible. This essay will help you convey the Biblical truth of the true faith. We will begin with a comparison of the history of the true Church and the Jehovah Witness church (and the preceding origins of its doctrines) and then move into scriptural theology and evidence for Christianity using the Bible.


Physics: Scientific God Answering “Scientific” Atheists

I’m sure we’ve all encountered atheist who say, “I am a person of reason and science, not of superstition”. Granted, not all atheist (or agnostics) coincide with this idea, but a great many do. This essay is written from a strictly scientific point of view to defend theism. Prepare for a crash course in physics (doing my best to keep it in laymen terms). For theistic apologetics against atheism using philosophy and Scripture, please see article God of Atheist.

Big Bang

Refuting Singularity Theory or existence from immemorial ad infinitum of mass


Stand Up For the Guy That No One Likes

You know that guy at work, or that girl at school? You know the one I am talking about. The one that no one really likes, maybe because they are weird or have something wrong with them. The one that people talk bad about behind their backs. Maybe you participate in this or are just a silent observer knowing that it isn’t right. But if you were to do something about it, maybe say something, you may quickly find yourself on the outside with them.


Personal Prayers of the Heart

Prayers from the heart:

Blessing for your Rifle

Lord bless my rifle and the one who uses it. May both carry out your will and no other. May both have the courage to do what is right and just by Your standards, not the standards of men. Lord bless my rifle to keep me safe. Lord bless me to keep my rifle prudent. Amen.

Prayer for Help

Before the cross I kneel and pray

That God might save me on this day

I keep my eyes to the ground